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The cover features an image by Jeri Coppola on the left, and on the right by Venus Zarris.
More of Jeri Coppola’s images can be found at
More of Venus Zarris’ images can be found at

Grace Cavalieri’s ‘Tai Chi’ is paired with Jeri Coppola’s image ‘Confabulation I.’
Her ‘Lifelong for Jan’ features (from top to bottom) Jeri Coppola’s ‘Broken House,’ Katrina Pallop’s ‘Liia,’ ‘Self Portrait,’ and ‘Regina,’ and Petra Whitaker’s ‘Faces on the Glass 2.’ Jeri Coppola’s ‘Broken House’ is repeated at the bottom.
Katrina Pallop’s images can be found at Etsy: and Flickr:
“Faces on the Glass 2” was taken in Ashland, Oregon, as part of a series of images captured on a daily basis for a year.  A number of snapshots were taken of an abandoned house, each capturing various subjects who happened to pass by. More of Petra Whitaker’s images can be found here:
Jeri Coppola’s “Broken House” is made up of toned photographs and cellophane tape.

Maureen Alsop’s poetry is paired with Carolyn Guinzio’s photographs. Maureen’s web-site is located here:

Carolina Ebeid’s poetry is paired with Stephenie Foster’s photographs taken in Zacatecas, Mexico.


Maureen Alsop once owned a three-hectare banana plantation in Giru, Queensland, Australia. She also flew with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia to Doomadgee and places just south of the Arafura Sea.

Grace Cavalieri won a writing contest from the TODAY show on TV (1956) – actually 2- a trip to Japan and to Sweden. The judges did not know she was same person. She chose Sweden.

Jeri Coppola once had a three day freelance job chewing gum.

Carolina Ebeid was a cheerleader for the Memorial High School Tigers, in West New York, NJ.

Katrina Pallop has a longstanding and rather mysterious fear of lunch meat.

Petra Whitaker eats Weetabix with French-pressed coffee every morning.


Grace Cavalieri

Featuring Images By

Jeri Coppola, Katrina Pallop, & Petra Whitaker

tai chi 1

lifelongforjansmall copy

text © copyright Grace Cavalieri, 2011, Images © copyright Petra Whitaker, Jeri Coppola, and Katrina Pallop, 2011


Maureen Alsop

Featuring Images by

Carolyn Guinzio



birthday cake1

text © copyright Maureen Alsop, 2011, Images © copyright Carolyn Guinzio, 2011


Carolina Ebeid

Featuring Images by

Stephenie Foster



epilogue copy

text © copyright Carolina Ebeid, 2011, Images © copyright Stephenie Foster, 2011



The cover features  Rosebud Ben-Oni’s “3 Points in Shanghai,” a night photo of the Monument of the People’s Hero’s Memorial in Shanghai,  located near Huangpu Park, not too far from the Bund. The monument provides an interesting contrast to the more ornate buildings of Shanghai’s colonial past and the colorful lights of the city across the Bund. Rosebud’s writing can be found at

Anne Gorrick’s “R & F Greens” is part of a larger sequence of love poems to paint colors, and is paired with Venus Zarris’ photographs of Koi taken at the Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago.
Anne Gorrick curates a reading series called Cadmium Text found at
and co-curates the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show, at:
Her visual work can be found at:

Ruth Bavetta integrates art and words by working on the pages of old books, mostly with watercolors and inks, carving poems from the text that she finds there.

Marcela Sulak’s poetry is paired with Laura Terry’s series “Roman Skies,” a sequence of 6″ x 6″ oil pastel images created in the period of a month in Rome. Through the series, Laura focused on how the buildings frame the sky. Laura Terry’s work can be seen here: and here:


When Ruth Bavetta was a child she thought trees waving was what made the wind.

Rosebud Ben-Oni thinks Hong Kong Heartthrob Louis Koo is so “7 Train” (her way of professing love) that she wrote a piece about it here:

Anne Gorrick is a member of the Sports Car Club of America, and has a pit crew license.

Marcela Sulak cannot remember why or how she became a vegetarian, and doubts there was ever a reason, but she’s been one for 20 years and it makes her family so angry, and that’s fun.

Laura Terry’s third grade teacher tried to make her write (and draw) with her right hand…Laura’s mother was very upset.

Venus Zarris wears her heart on long sleeves that have holes in the elbows and are frayed at the cuffs.


Anne Gorrick

Featuring Images by

Venus Zarris


text © copyright Anne Gorrick, 2012, Images © copyright Venus Zarris 2012


Ruth Bavetta

The Very End of Life

The Sun Was Hot

Bavetta_Their Entrance

text and images © copyright Ruth Bavetta, 2012


Marcela Sulak

Featuring Images by

Laura Terry

hebrew lesson

language exchange


Text © copyright Marcela Sulak, 2012. Images © copyright Laura Terry, 2012



The cover features Stephenie Foster’s images ‘Mexico City’ and ‘Marfa’ from her series “Car+chitecture”

Carol Szamatowicz’s poetry is paired with Stephenie Foster’s images from her series “Returning to Earth.”

Deborah Poe’s poetry is paired with her own images. More of her work can be found at

Michaela A. Gabriel’s ‘Antimony’ and ‘Ununbium’ are part of her “elemental” project of poems inspired by the elements in the periodic table. More of her work can be found here: Her poetry is paired with Doro Boehme’s images from the Metra.


Doro Boehme keeps up with current NBA statistics and likes to listen to cognitive science podcasts while fixing broken jewelry she buys from resale stores.

Michaela A. Gabriel spent quite a bit of her time in New Zealand in 1998 learning and practicing how to “properly” eat Tim Tams chocolate cookies: suck tea up through a cookie, then bite off the other end just before it falls apart in the cup.

Deborah Poe‘s first book of poetry, Our Parenthetical Ontology, is dedicated to Frankie Marie Walcher–her maternal grandmother who wrote piles of Patsy Cline-era country and western songs and published one piece with singer Jean Shepard. The song was called “So Wrong, So Fast.

Carol Szamatowicz camps weekends in the woods of Pennsylvania and often hears a resident family of eagles dirtectly overhead. Recently, one circled her at dusk. She is pretty confident it was because she was wearing a rabbit skin hat.


Carol Szamatowicz

Featuring Images by

Stephenie Foster






text © copyright Carol Szamatowicz, 2012, Images © copyright Stephenie Foster 2012


Deborah Poe








text and images © copyright Deborah Poe, 2012


Michaela A. Gabriel

Featuring Images by

Doro Boehme














text © copyright Michaela A. Gabriel, 2012 and images © copyright Doro Boehme, 2012



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