Third Quarter 2013


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Issue Details:

Hester van Dapperen is the cover artist for the September 2013 issue. “Indian Yellow” is a triptych painting with oil, pigments, collage with embroidery on linen. More of Hester’s work can be seen here:,
and here:

Ariella Ruth’s poetry is paired with Rachel May’s sewn pictures: Sea Series 2, Waves 3, Seaweed 2, Borders 1, and Waves 1. More of Rachel’s work can be found here: Links to other images of sewn images & quilts: image-text work published: and
link to Storey Publishing catalog (Fall 2013) with info on her forthcoming book on quilters (page # is 20 January), Quilting with a Modern Slant: People, Patterns, and Techniques Inspiring the Modern Quilt Community
More of Ariella’s poetry can be found here: and here:

Gail Wronsky’s poetry is paired with Hester van Dapperen’s paintings Temple, Indian Yellow, Surprise Me, and Gold Red from her “Color Fields” series. In this series, mutilations of historical works in museums inspired her to cut in planes of color. Sutures with needle and twine created scars, which combine with added paint to become an integral part of the canvas. Colorfield paintings are about feelings and presence of mind, the awareness of movements and shifts in emotions. Colorfields are about the intensity of color and its effect on the maker and viewer, the personal experience. If the viewer is able to read the colorfield backwards, the viewer can follow the creative process the painter went through. More of Hester’s work can be seen here:,
and here:
More of Gail’s poetry can be found here:

Liesl Jobson’s words are paired with Doro Boehme’s photographs from her Building Reflections series. Liesl Jobson’s piece is part of a short story collection. Practice is Liesl’s reflection on Shin Yu Pai’s exquisite poetry collection, Adamantine, and the impossibility of reviewing it.


Doro Boehme keeps up with current NBA statistics and likes to listen to cognitive science podcasts while fixing broken jewelry she buys from resale stores.

Liesl Jobson rows in a single scull named “Hunch” that sings when she is moved with precision and speed over flat water.

Rachel May once spent a week working on a Chiquita Banana farm in Australia and decided to quit when she saw green bananas in her sleep.

Ariella Ruth was born on the Devil’s Night.

Hester van Dapperen loves the radiance of colors and believes that when something or someone suffers damage, the radiance becomes more brilliant, adding depth to the colors.

Gail Wronsky was born with her eyes crossed and her feet facing backward.


Ariella Ruth

Featuring Images by

Rachel May


text © copyright Ariella Ruth and images © copyright Rachel May, 2013

dividelineGail Wronsky

Featuring Images by

Hester van Dapperen


text © copyright Gail Wronsky and images © copyright Hester van Dapperen, 2013


Liesl Jobson

Featuring Images by

Doro Boehme


text © copyright Liesl Jobson and images © copyright Doro Boehme, 2013

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