Author & Artist Bios:

Kristin Abraham is an Aquarius and shares a birthday with Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12).

Michele Abramowitz recently had her life experience confirmed through medical science: she has extremely good hearing.

Rachel Abramowitz‘s first word was “guppy,” and yet she cannot keep a pet fish alive.

Maureen Alsop once owned a three-hectare banana plantation in Giru, Queensland, Australia. She also flew with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia to Doomadgee and places just south of the Arafura Sea.

Stephanie Anderson was once certified to drive a forklift.

Rachel Andoga has had an abiding crush on Jeff Goldblum since she was 7 years old.

Robyn Art currently resides only one mile from the body of water which inspired the “Jaws” phenomenon, and she grew up in the house Richard Wilbur lived in in the 1960’s.

Diana Arterian once worked at an auction house where she spent her days transcribing Civil War ephemera. Her favorite line was in a diary, in which a soldier described Lincoln when he visited the troops as having “strange movements.”

Andrea Baker rarely sits properly in chairs.

Dara Barnat has climbed to the top of a minaret in Cairo.

Madeleine Barnes has a giant unicorn named Magic.

Before she was an artist, Susan Barnett was an Executive Vice President for the American Heart Association.

Jennifer Bartlett has a yard. A big yard. In Brooklyn.

Michele Battiste is scared of the dark and the deep ocean.

When Ruth Bavetta was a child she thought trees waving was what made the wind.

Martine Bellen trains in Brazilian jiujitsu.

Molly Bendall loves to get up in the middle of the night and watch the opossums in her yard, and sometimes she sees a raccoon or two as well.

Rosebud Ben-Oni thinks Hong Kong Heartthrob Louis Koo is so “7 Train” (her way of professing love) that she wrote a piece about it here:

Carol Berg once wore the same pair of black Doc Martins every day for 4 years.

Joelle Biele has never mastered the cartwheel.

Doro Boehme keeps up with current NBA statistics and likes to listen to cognitive science podcasts while fixing broken jewelry she buys from resale stores.

Joie Bourisseau is from another Universe. She sees  things ~ and talks with them, too. She spontaneously bursts into song.

Kristy Bowen was named 3rd grade Loves Park Elementary School Spelling Bee Champ, but still has persistent issues with the whole “I before E except after C” thing…

Emily Brandt‘s record for running the perimeter of her childhood home is 19 seconds.

Jo Braun brought Judy Blume’s Forever to her fundamentalist Christian school, passed it among her seventh grade peers, and didn’t get caught.

Betsy BretHarte spent two years taking her showers in a 5 gallon bucket.

Gabe Brown finds an end with a beginning.

When Lindsey Brown was  young, she had pet rabbits named Big Beau-Regards, Juny Jelly Beans and Mama Chunk.

Laynie Browne likes to practice yoga at dawn and to drink infusion of nettles.

Elizabeth Bryant dreamt she wintered in the labyrinth-like nest of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Jess Burnquist successfully convinced her entire second grade class that her imaginary friend, Pricilla Fartface (who lived in a light bulb) could cast spells on children. It was a lonely year.

Megan Burns still has to try and grab a lizard every time one comes in sight.

Kathline Carr possesses the rare ability to spot four-leaf clovers from a moving vehicle.

Morwenna Catt lived in a shed in a field on the edge of a wood for a few years.

Grace Cavalieri won a writing contest from the TODAY show on TV (1956) – actually 2- a trip to Japan and to Sweden. The judges did not know she was same person. She chose Sweden.

Adrienne Celt’s last name is an acronym – she is not, as people usually assume, Celtic.

As for Eva Lys Champagne, Eggplant is her game.

Lee Chapman was disappointed to discover that, according to a teacher at San Francisco Art Institute, she is a sit-down artist. Disappointed because she’d had her heart set on being the much more glamorous Abstract Expressionist of the extra big canvas.

When Megan Chapman was a little girl her best friends in the neighborhood were all elderly people. She would invite herself over to their homes to sing, dance and tell them stories. Sometimes after one of her performances, they would give her porcelain figurines from their collection or peppermint stick candy.

Sara Biggs Chaney is deathly afraid of thunderstorms.

Stacy Christie Thinks Bjork is made of sunbeams and dreams.

Lisa J. Cihlar took first place and won a hundred dollars in a stand-up comedy competition when she was in her 30s.  Sadly, there were penis jokes involved.

Brooklyn Copeland once won a brand new Vespa in a contest. She immediately sold it to replace her first car, a 1989 Ford Escort, which had been totaled in an accident, with another 1989 Ford Escort. That car was also totaled in an accident. After that, Brooklyn gave up driving for three years. She keeps a St. Christopher medal in her car at all times.

Jeri Coppola once had a three day freelance job chewing gum.

Vanessa Couto Johnson, as a fumbling undergraduate freshman in an organic chemistry lab in fall 2006, had a hallucination/vision (let’s say something more vivid than a daydream) of becoming an English professor, which bestowed upon her an immediate sense of peace.

Sarah Cross has had many sleepwalking adventures.  She has ridden on an elephant and a camel as well as a horse.  She has lived in 6 states and has traveled to 6 continents.

Connaught Cullen grew up in Clyde, Ohio, worked at Whirlpool Corp factory for 30 years, then had a mid-life crisis and became an artist. She resides in Southeast Ohio in the Appalachian landscapes that she has come to love.

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa flew on the Concorde.

Shira Dentz looks forward to going to Sea World real soon.

Michelle Detorie has been writing and thinking about new colors that don’t have a name yet. She has been seeing them for about a year or two.

Aran Donovan has seen far too many horror movies to ever touch a Ouija board.

Tiff Dressen spent most of childhood and early adult life wanting to be volcanologist.

Carolina Ebeid was a cheerleader for the Memorial High School Tigers, in West New York, NJ.

Laura Eklund paints a self-portrait at the beginning of every year.

Robyn Ellenbogen uses 12th century techniques of metal point in her studio, an 18th century barn, bordered by a bamboo forest somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey.

At age seven, Angele Ellis experienced hysterical paralysis from a bee sting, influenced by an item she had read in a medical column in her local newspaper.

Hillary Waters Fayle really loves plants.

Jennifer Finstrom likes to think of the unfinished novel sitting on a chair in her living room as an art installation rather than a work in progress.

When Susan Firer was 19, she lived in an abandoned car in Alaska for four months while trying to learn how to write poems. It was a very happy time.

Jennifer Firestone‘s partner took a great photo of her with Cornel West, but it was never saved and it is gone forever.

Michaela A. Gabriel spent quite a bit of her time in New Zealand in 1998 learning and practicing how to “properly” eat Tim Tams chocolate cookies: suck tea up through a cookie, then bite off the other end just before it falls apart in the cup.

Soheila Ghaussy has always had dogs that speak to her in a voice strangely reminiscent of that of the little piglet in the movie Babe.

When Lizi Gilad was 17, she worked in a carrot factory.

Cora Jane Glasser used to jump-start her old VW bus by rolling it downhill, backwards, while wearing high heels.

Stephanie Glazier is planning a trip to the world’s great libraries.

Anne Gorrick is a member of the Sports Car Club of America, and has a pit crew license.

Katie Green used to be a dentist.

Lia Greenwell made her publishing debut with a heated Letter to the Editor in Seventeen Magazine.

Jenny Hager once spent a summer detassling corn in the town that Natania Rosenfeld now resides in.

Jana Harper is enjoying her time here on Planet Earth. She communicates with plants and animals, but still wishes she could read the sky.

Endi Bogue Hartigan once found a glass fishing float the size of a basketball (floating up in the whitewash on the Oregon coast).

j/j hastain prefers not to be referred to by binary based pronouns. j/j created a preferred pronoun: “pleth” (a mono-syllabization of the word plethora).

Fay Helfer sneezes when she is really hungry. Her images often contain an unlisted ‘natural pigment:’ yellow insect poop, which splatters down from the sky onto her paintings when she works outside.

Laura Hinton worked as a folk singer in Las Vegas, Nevada; a planetarium show host in Reno; an archeological-shard cleaner in Tucson, Arizona, and she learned to take photographs at age 10 in Rapid City, South Dakota, using her mother’s vintage Kodak Brownie Reflex.

Rebecca Gayle Howell is a descendent of Daniel Boone’s sister.

Anita Huffington is the Anita Huffington of the Larry Rivers painting “It’s Raining Anita Huffington.”

Jane Hyland trained as a classical and modern ballet dancer at the Australian National Theatre and was a member of the Australian Contemporary Dance Theatre, in Melbourne, Australia.

Layne Jackson has never met a body of water she didn’t desire, although high dives from rocky cliffs create only envy.

Elizabeth Jameson is an artist who creates images navigating between the worlds of art and science, adding to the visual language of the imperfect body. She also loves coffee, hummus, and crackers.

Hannah Jansen once made a dress out of tea bags.

Emily Jern-Miller is not on Facebook.

Suejin Jo disliked her given name and changed it when she was seventeen. Her old name meant “child of grace;” her new one means “germ of truth.”

Liesl Jobson rows in a single scull named “Hunch” that sings when she is moved with precision and speed over flat water.

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa wakes up thanks to a large pink and white Hello Kitty alarm clock.

Jiyoo Jye photosynthesizes in the dark.

Megan Kaminski loves Totino’s Party Pizza.

Mary Kasimor wanted to be a concert pianist when she was 10 years old; but she never wanted to be religious.

Genevieve Kaplan once had a job collecting redhaired pine bark beetles for this research project:

Yesterday Laura Kaufman saw mother and child fin whales feeding in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Christine Kelly was born on a new moon and can dance like James Brown.

Stacy Kidd has been to both Dollywood and Graceland.

In a former life, Jill Kirschen Dj’d the cast party for Saturday Night Live for several years in a row.

J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg was once commissioned to crochet a bunch of grapes (complete with stems and leaves) to adorn a jock strap that was gifted to an artist on his 40th birthday.

Caroline Klocksiem looks through binoculars regularly. (Not at people.)

Two of Caroline Knox‘s favorite works of fiction are Sportsman’s Paradise by Nancy Lemann and Train Dreams by Denis Johnson.

Arpine Konyalian-Grenier loves Mahler, Scriabin, Piazzola, pomegranates and eggplant.

Susanna Kwan once cut her cornea on a newspaper page.

Elizabeth Langemak’s first word was “fries.”

Krystal Languell got Muhammed Ali’s autograph in Indiana in 1995.

Maryrose Larkin received her first passport at the age of 47.

Deanna Lee rode in the cockpit of a cargo plane from Hong Kong to Chicago.

Amy Letter once subsisted as an undocumented worker in the UK, an experience she thinks back on when playing “Another Day” (sung in first person) on baritone ukulele.

Lois Levinson engages in conversation with her African grey parrot, Kiri.

Karen Lee Lewis took the photograph on the cover of Lisa Forrest’s album “Winter Moon,” written after Charles Burchfield’s painting “Arctic Owl & Winter Moon”.

Susan Lewis has a photographic memory for everything delicious and likes to reverse engineer her favorite craft cocktails. She’s also a recreational forager who has eaten over 85 species of wild mushrooms.

Dodie Logue has banded a female Green-Crowned  Brilliant hummingbird.

Mary Logue even makes hooked rugs of her poems.

Rachel May once spent a week working on a Chiquita Banana farm in Australia and decided to quit when she saw green bananas in her sleep.

Jill Magi hopes to become a better sports writer.

Rae Mahaffey routinely avoids routine.

Sarah Mangold has attended the annual H.P Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR for twelve years running.

Jennifer Martenson received a CT scan to determine whether one of her gill slits had not closed up completely.

Sierra Matlock has an irrational fear of large fish.

Ellen McGrath Smith can dislocate her hips on demand and is a devoted yogini.

Sheila McMullin can blow spit bubbles off of her tongue…although some people think this is gross.

Nicci Mechler once stretched out in the unadorned stone box in the King’s Chamber (Pyramid of Khufu) just before the sun came up over the Giza Necropolis. She was 13; it was a dare.

R/B Mertz used to have six fingers on each hand.

Sabine Miller once taught a batik class.

Christine Morro spent a good part of a writing retreat in 2000 learning how to make olives (and not writing) in Andalucia Spain.

Kirsten Nash loves to listen to the Saturday Opera Broadcast with her bird Charlie, but it makes her dogs very jealous.

Laura Nash spent her first year of life in Burma, Burmese was her first language.

Amanda North has an obsession with exploring western Ireland; she thinks she does her best writing in pubs she happens upon during travels.

Katrina Pallop has a longstanding and rather mysterious fear of lunch meat.

Trude Parkinson drew figure eights on ice.

When her father died, Elaine Parks made 22 little ceramic heads in his likeness.

Karri Paul‘s namesake was the ninety year old pastry chef for a Waupaca, Wisconsin truck stop.

Alexandria Peary thinks that making a really fine soup is like eating a song or sonnet.  She’s got too much synthesia in her diet.

Mary Pinto never knew she was a cat person until she started living with Kieto.

Deborah Poe‘s first book of poetry, Our Parenthetical Ontology, is dedicated to Frankie Marie Walcher–her maternal grandmother who wrote piles of Patsy Cline-era country and western songs and published one piece with singer Jean Shepard. The song was called “So Wrong, So Fast.

Ellen Pliskin loved living in Canada as a “Landed Immigrant” and enjoyed going to “Expo 67” with everyone who visited her in Montreal.

When not traveling to make plein air drawings or in her home studio painting, Lily Prince is making and eating pie.

Stacey Pritchard tried to convince people that her name was Andy when she was 9 1/2.

For years, Ethel Rackin’s favorite color was pink and white checks.

As a teenager Stella Radulescu climbed the tallest mountain in the Carpathians , not too far from what is called “Dracula’s Castle”. Even today she thinks that’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

When she was about ten years old, Stella Radulescu stole a poem from an older poet-friend and told her father that she wrote it. He kept this poem in his wallet until he died telling people that his daughter is a poet. ( It was unusual and even dangerous to be an “undeclared” poet under the Romanian communist regime). She says “I hope he is watching me now…”

Maritza Ranero is just a simple country girl from Jersey.

Lynda Ray once rescued a bear cub caught in a trap while mama bear and her triplet siblings watched in the distance.

Marthe Reed once lived on a bush block in Wanneroo, Western Australia, with two little boys, a husband, a kelpie, two sheep, two zebra finches, seven guinea pigs, a pond full of gold fish, and an itinerant flock of white-tailed black cockatoos that came in low over the house on the edges of storms to roost in the dead, twiggy tops of old jarrah trees.

Michelle Firment Reid is left-handed, and when a child believed the arched backs of dead dinosaurs beneath hills is what made them rolling.

Gabriella T. Rieger used to flatten quarters on the tracks of the Hudson River line.

Eléna Rivera was born in Mexico City and spent her childhood in Paris.

Paolo Freire once kissed Elizabeth Robinson.

Judith Roitman is double-jointed. She does not know how to ride a bicycle.

Laurie Rosenblatt’s nickname in medical school was Splatt (don’t ask).

Natania Rosenfeld ate a whole wax pepper in Budapest in 1968 and never forgot it.

Donna Ruff sat in the second row of the audience for the Ed Sullivan Show that featured one of the first performances of the Beatles in America.

Emmalea Russo loves sparkling water and astrology more than most things.

Ariella Ruth was born on the Devil’s Night.

Linda Saccoccio has a fear of heights, the discomfort of vertigo, but if she had wings, she is sure she would love the sensation of stepping off the corner of the top of a building. She also shares a birthday with Leo Tolstoy.

In 2005 Carmelle Safdie wrote and performed a Black Sabbath parody song called “Tired Man.”

Sarah Sarai once sewed stuffed cactus using Butterick patterns.

Rachel Sawatsky used to write under a pen name.

Deb Schillbach  loves to dance and often finds herself dancing alone in her living room while listening to all kinds of music especially the Grateful Dead.

Stephanie Schlaifer has the wings and skull of a dead crow in her freezer. They were too beautiful to discard when she found them under her porch.

Mara Adamitz Scrupe has played the accordion since she was four years old.

Nic Sebastian once shot and cleaned a .22 rifle in the Ozark Mountains.

During the late winter through summer of 2011, Yolanda Sharpe went to Russia on a Fulbright for Painting, and found herself singing a full classical concert at Music Hall in Krasnoyarsk.

Homa Shojaie paints because she can’t write.

At the tender age of 59, Dominique Simmons got her toenails painted for the first time in her life.

Holly Simonsen loves to visit old time candy shoppes. A self-declared candy aficionado, her favorite vintage candies are Mary Janes, Chick-o-sticks, and Coconut Long Boys.

Carol Roh Spaulding lived for a year at 27 rue de Fleurus, Paris, the former home of American expatriate author Gertrude Stein.

Patricia Spergel slept with a baseball glove (autographed by a few Phillies’ players) under her pillow as a young girl.

Matina L. Stamatakis named her son after the kid in the Omen.

Rosemary Starace likes to drift through lake shallows in quiet boats, and study the round nests of the Sunnies. When she was ten, she swam to an island.

Melissa Stern is able to haunt people in their dreams.

Deborah Stevenson quotes the great Louise Bourgeois, who said “art is a guarantee of sanity.”

Marcela Sulak cannot remember why or how she became a vegetarian, and doubts there was ever a reason, but she’s been one for 20 years and it makes her family so angry, and that’s fun.

Natasha Sweeten grew up with four Volkswagen Beetles in her immediate family, and as a child could not figure out the final day in the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week.”

Carol Szamatowicz camps weekends in the woods of Pennsylvania and often hears a resident family of eagles dirtectly overhead. Recently, one circled her at dusk. She is pretty confident it was because she was wearing a rabbit skin hat.

Ginger Teppner writes because she can’t paint.

Laura Terry’s third grade teacher tried to make her write (and draw) with her right hand…Laura’s mother was very upset.

Meg Thompson knows all the words to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Chris Tysh once worked in a posh adult bookstore near the Opera district in Paris and got fired in less than a week.

Hester van Dapperen loves the radiance of colors and believes that when something or someone suffers damage, the radiance becomes more brilliant, adding depth to the colors.

In all her work, Vahge celebrates oddity with elegance.

Phoebe Wayne has a scar from a cheetah.

Petra Whitaker eats Weetabix with French-pressed coffee every morning.

Casey Whittier is a stray dog magnet: Her return-to-owner percentage is currently 100%.

Jeanne Williamson has a collection of over 500 Pez dispensers, 100 bottle openers, and 50 eyewash cups, and she shares a birthday with Garfield the Cat.

Susanna Williamson collects bones and other pretty things.

In her spare time, Valerie Witte does taiko drumming in San Francisco.

Gail Wronsky was born with her eyes crossed and her feet facing backward.

Joanne G. Yoshida shares the same birthday as Paul Klee; when she lived in NY she would visit the MOMA or Met to wish him a happy every December 18th.  Although she has moved to Japan she still finds ways of celebrating with him.

As a toddler, Marly Youmans invented the raw foods movement and was especially fond of uncooked okra, arcane types of field peas, potatoes, beans, and fruit; she had a nice rosy flush from eating too many carrots.

Venus Zarris wears her heart on long sleeves that have holes in the elbows and are frayed at the cuffs.

Nicole Zdeb sat next to Bob Dylan at a wedding when she was twenty. He ignored her and talked to David Johansen all night.

Nicole Zdeb studied kabuki with a woman recommended by the Japanese Consulate. Class began with the teacher wrapping Nicole in a kimono and ended with drinking tea while Nicole knelt at the teacher’s feet.

Melissa Zuniga graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture, where she occassionally drew intricate designs on her jeans with a Sharpie pen during long lectures.

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