Issue Details, Fall 2015

Issue Details, Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 cover features Deborah Stevenson’s oil painting, On Ramp, from her Skies Series. Deborah often paints to capture the element of time affecting space, particularly that of the urban environment. More of her work can be seen here:

Doro Boehme’s writing is paired with images of Deborah Stevenson’s Kinetic Structures, Mementos. Deborah began exploring 3-D work in 2009, constructing hanging pieces from telecom wire and plaster embellishments, putting them together spontaneously, guided by instinct. The pieces are very light, and are suspended all around her studio where they move gently with the ambient motion of the room. While the inspiration for Mementos is a mystery, the pieces suggest the microcosmic and the macrocosmic, the biologic and the cosmologic. More of Deborah’s work can be seen here:

Matina L. Stamatakis’ poetry is paired with Deanna C. Lee’s paintings; Green Wave, Blue Skies, Blue Vibe, Red Giant, and A-mare. In these works, masses of accumulated lines evoke organic forms like hair, muscles, and fungi, natural systems such as waves and wind currents, geological strata and topographical maps. The acrylic-on-paper painting A-mare is from the 2011 series Equivalents and measures 58.5 x 34.75 inches. Using natural patterns and forms to suggest emotional or psychological states, this series was inspired by Alfred Stieglitz’s “Equivalents;” his evocative photos of clouds, which are generally considered the first intentionally abstract photographs. The other four paintings belong to the series Hair, Cloud, Wave (2006–2010). These acrylic paintings on MDF or wood panels are based on motifs found in Asian art, such as Japanese prints and Chinese hand scrolls. More of Deanna’s work can be found here:

More of Matina’s work can be found on her personal blog here: Personal blog

Amanda North’s poetry is paired with Patricia Spergel’s paintings Afield, Santa Maria Novella, Bridged 1, Oak Gall Series 6, Gobbled, and Oak Gall Series 7. Patricia explores the associative qualities of oil paint on canvas and ink on paper and the magical transformation that occurs in the midst of a good painting or drawing session—a portal into a calmer and more meditative space. She hopes her work will help the viewer slow down and find a moment of contemplation and beauty in our frenetic society. More of her work can be found here:

Sabine Miller’s poetry is paired with Robyn Ellenbogen’s abstract metalpoint drawings One Wave, Slow Change, and Lips All Over. Robyn uses everyday objects to build dream-like images in which fiction and reality meet, meanings shift and past and present fuse. More of Robyn’s work can be found here:

Nicci Mechler’s poetry is paired with Layne Jackson’s paintings A Place to Go, She Thinks of Him Often, and Sometimes a Great Notion from her Water + Air series. Layne Jackson’s work is concerned with privacy and silence, often found in and around water, and is inspired by a lifetime of swimming in every possible body of water. More of Layne’s work can be found here: and on the blog that is an aggregate of all things water:

More of Nicci’s work can be found on her blog:

Dara Barnat’s poetry is paired with Connaught Cullen’s paintings Field, Sells Park Path, and Radar Hill. Connaught’s process involves creating a grisaille underpainting in acrylics and then glazing color on in oils. Her inspiration comes from the meditative walks she takes in the hills and woods surrounding Athens, Ohio. More of her work can be seen here:

More of Dara’s work can be found here:

Fall 2015 Bios:


Dara Barnat has climbed to the top of a minaret in Cairo.

Doro Boehme keeps up with current NBA statistics and likes to listen to cognitive science podcasts while fixing broken jewelry she buys from resale stores.

Connaught Cullen grew up in Clyde, Ohio, worked at Whirlpool Corp factory for 30 years, then had a mid-life crisis and became an artist. She resides in Southeast Ohio in the Appalachian landscapes that she has come to love.

Robyn Ellenbogen uses 12th century techniques of metal point in her studio, an 18th century barn, bordered by a bamboo forest somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey.

Layne Jackson has never met a body of water she didn’t desire, although high dives from rocky cliffs create only envy.

Deanna Lee rode in the cockpit of a cargo plane from Hong Kong to Chicago.

Nicci Mechler once stretched out in the unadorned stone box in the King’s Chamber (Pyramid of Khufu) just before the sun came up over the Giza Necropolis. She was 13; it was a dare.

Sabine Miller once taught a batik class.

Amanda North has an obsession with exploring western Ireland; she thinks she does her best writing in pubs she happens upon during travels.

Patricia Spergel slept with a baseball glove (autographed by a few Phillies’ players) under her pillow as a young girl.

Matina L. Stamatakis named her son after the kid in the Omen.

Deborah Stevenson quotes the great Louise Bourgeois, who said “art is a guarantee of sanity.”

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