Issue Details, Fall, 2016

The Fall 2016 cover features Stephenie Foster’s photo collage, “Personal Space.”

Stephanie Schlaifer‘s poetry is paired with original images by Joie Bourisseau from an archival project organized by artist Jana Harper. For more information about the project please visit: or Jana’s personal site:

Rachel Abramowitz‘s poetry is paired with Michele Abramowitz‘s oil and oil with chalk pastel paintings The Sleeper, Shadow Puppets, There is Nowhere but Here, and Skeptic. Michele paints from both sides of the surface, forcing her images/figures to exist between worlds literally and metaphysically. The incoherent spatial relationships in her work are meant to bring the viewer’s attention to the permeable skin of the painting and its unification with the figure. Furthermore, her figures are contorted into the painting—defined and confined by the edges. They do not seek to simulate reality, but rather interact with their actual reality: supports and surfaces. By superimposing the space of the figures onto the painted object, the figures/images become the object. In cases where the image/objects appear to interact with the viewer’s world, they arguably approach subjecthood.

Shira Dentz‘s poetry is paired with Kathline Carr‘s drawings, created with Shira’s poetic imagery in mind. Kathline’s images are often suggestive of a partial glance, a fusion of imagery and memory. She works from life and imagination, using paint, graphite, fabric, paper, discarded materials or whatever is at hand to investigate the individual moment, often layering and editing poem-like structures which are then photographed or scanned. More of her work can be found at
More about Shira’s writing can be found at

J.I. Kleinberg‘s found-word collages explore the accidental syntax of unintentional phrases and are from a growing collection of over 1,100. More of J.I.’s poetry and art can be found on her blog:

Fall 2016 Bios:

Michele Abramowitz recently had her life experience confirmed through medical science: she has extremely good hearing.

Rachel Abramowitz‘s first word was “guppy,” and yet she cannot keep a pet fish alive.

Joie Bourisseau is from another Universe. She sees  things ~ and talks with them, too. She spontaneously bursts into song.

Kathline Carr possesses the rare ability to spot four-leaf clovers from a moving vehicle.

Shira Dentz looks forward to going to Sea World real soon.

Jana Harper is enjoying her time here on Planet Earth. She communicates with plants and animals, but still wishes she could read the sky.

J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg was once commissioned to crochet a bunch of grapes (complete with stems and leaves) to adorn a jock strap that was gifted to an artist on his 40th birthday.

Stephanie Schlaifer has the wings and skull of a dead crow in her freezer. They were too beautiful to discard when she found them under her porch.






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