Issue Details, Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 cover features Elizabeth Jameson’s solarplate etching, “Valentine; Coronal view of the Artist’s brain stem, cerebellum, and lateral ventricles.”

Alexandria Peary‘s poetry is paired with Deb Schillbach‘s photographs. More of Deb’s work can be seen here and here
More of Alexandria’s work can be found here:

Phoebe Wayne‘s poetry is paired with Elizabeth Jameson‘s images Recommissioned II, Pulse II, Becoming I, The Sun and the Moon, Emerging, Celebration, and Intrigue. Elizabeth Jameson specializes in the intersection of art and science. She focuses on brain scans, particularly MRIs, because she considers them one of the primary symbols of Multiple Sclerosis. Since her diagnosis of MS, she has continually undergone brain scans to track the progression of her disease. Initially the sterile black and white images of the MRIs of her brain were terrifying, and she refused to look at them. She began using her art practice to reinterpret these frightening yet mesmerizing images. She seeks to disrupt the unsightliness of these digital images, inviting the viewers to stare directly at the beauty and complexity of the imperfect brain. Ms. Jameson’s diagnosis has allowed her to integrate neurotechnology into her artwork. Through printmaking, mixed media, and textiles she transform’s her scans into vibrant landscapes in hopes of challenging how society views illness. She creates with the intent of transforming how people view the imperfect body, allowing room for celebration, curiosity, and fascination. More of Elizabeth’s work can be seen here

Laurie Rosenblatt‘s poetry is paired with her own images, Pine Island, Red Bather, Unlikely Design, and an unnamed monotype.
Drawing directly into paint spread on a glass table then pressing the paper onto the surface with her palms, Laurie invites chance encounters between image and process. The physicality and no-second-chances nature of monotype printmaking contrasts in a fertile way with the multiple revisions that result in a finished poem.  You can follow Laurie on Instagram at larosenblatt

Lois Levinson’s poetry is paired with Gabe Brown’s images Coming of the Day, Firestarter, Above Below, Ends with Beginnings, and Deep Freeze. More of Gabe’s work can be seen here

Winter 2017 Bios

Gabe Brown finds an end with a beginning.

Elizabeth Jameson is an artist who creates images navigating between the worlds of art and science, adding to the visual language of the imperfect body. She also loves coffee, hummus, and crackers.

Lois Levinson engages in conversation with her African grey parrot, Kiri.

Alexandria Peary thinks that making a really fine soup is like eating a song or sonnet.  She’s got too much synthesia in her diet.

Laurie Rosenblatt’s nickname in medical school was Splatt (don’t ask).

Deb Schillbach  loves to dance and often finds herself dancing alone in her living room while listening to all kinds of music especially the Grateful Dead.

Phoebe Wayne has a scar from a cheetah.

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