Issue Details, Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 issue cover features Trude Parkinson’s painting “Circle,” which was created with oxidized metallic paint and renaissance wax on silver leaf on panels.

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa’s poetry is paired with Susanna Kwan’s paintings.

Susan Lewis’ poetry is paired with Melissa Stern’s paintings.  Featured images are Sleepwalker (oil paint & collage), Class (oil paint, pencil, encaustic, & ink on paper), and Dancer/Wolf (oil paint, pastel, & crayon), which are part of a project entitled ‘The Talking Cure.’ More of Melissa’s work can be seen here and here  More of Susan’s work as well as links to reviews and interviews can be read here 

Madeleine Barnes’ poetry is paired with Jiyoo Jye’s paintings. Featured images are White IStasis, Forestfume, and Vertidrop. More of Jiyoo’s work can be seen here

Arpine Konyalian Grenier’s poetry is paired with Christine Morro’s photographs and watercolor drawings.  Christine’s photographs, monotypes, and watercolors are informed by and document the rhythm and light of the landscapes she loves; Sagg Pond in Sagaponack NY and the Poqueira River Valley in Southern Spain. More of Christine’s work can be found here

Jennifer Finstrom’s poetry is paired with Laura Eklund’s paintings. Featured paintings are The Muse of my Name, Ancient Interiors, and Water Garden. More of Laura’s work can be seen here or visit her Facebook page The Art of Laura Eklund.

Mary Kasimor’s poetry is paired with Trude Parkinson’s paintings. Featured images are Dark, Yellow Hand, and Embodied (all oxidized metallic paint, renaissance wax on silver leaf on panels) , Green Hands, Double with Dark Square, and Hands with Dark Square (all monotype and collage on Kitikata paper). Trude’s paintings derive from photographs of her shadow and those of others, along with images that turn up in dreams or in the act of painting. In an attempt to balance the mundane with the overwhelming, she has experimented with an oxidation process where silver leaf or metallic paints are transformed through contact with acidic solutions. In her monotypes she combines layers of metallic and non-metallic inks with collage.Her work is inspired by the Hubble Telescope’s early silver halide photographs, Jung’s theory of shadow, and the Buddhist concept of impermanence. More of her work can be seen here: and She can be reached by email here:


Spring 2015 Bios:

Madeleine Barnes has a giant unicorn named Magic.

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa flew on the Concorde.

Laura Eklund paints a self-portrait at the beginning of every year.

Jennifer Finstrom likes to think of the unfinished novel sitting on a chair in her living room as an art installation rather than a work in progress.

Jiyoo Jye photosynthesizes in the dark.

Mary Kasimor wanted to be a concert pianist when she was 10 years old; but she never wanted to be religious.

Arpine Konyalian-Grenier loves Mahler, Scriabin, Piazzola, pomegranates and eggplant.

Susanna Kwan once cut her cornea on a newspaper page.

Susan Lewis has a photographic memory for everything delicious and likes to reverse engineer her favorite craft cocktails. She’s also a recreational forager who has eaten over 85 species of wild mushrooms.

Christine Morro spent a good part of a writing retreat in 2000 learning how to make olives (and not writing) in Andalucia Spain.

Trude Parkinson drew figure eights on ice.

Melissa Stern is able to haunt people in their dreams.


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