Issue Details, Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 cover features Donna Ruff’s Copper Moons 1, created using burn and copper leaf on handmade paper. Donna’s works reference printmaking and book arts, systems and patterns. Her interest in the nature of reading and comprehension has led her to push the limits of how much content can be obscured or cut away before the meaning is transformed.

Caroline Knox’s poetry is paired with Donna Ruff’s Reading Birds, Recess, and Ground from her Cuts and Folds series, Spreads of Influence, Fanatic 6, Dreams 16, and Dreams 23 from her Books and Book Pages series, and Frieze 15 from her Pattern and Gilding series. More of Donna’s work can be seen at

Ethel Rackin’s poetry is paired with Elaine Parks’ Celestial Cloud Disc 2, Gemini, Divination Bones (and detail), Star Disc 1, World, and Big Sky. Elaine became fascinated with the night sky while living in the extreme rural countryside. While hiking in some rocky cliffs she discovered a cache of tiny rodent bones, combined them with graduated pearls and pressed them into tar. These constellation drawings became the first in a long series exploring the night sky. Elaine is interested in how humans, through the ages, have been drawn to the night sky and have used it to answer life’s questions about fate and purpose. More of Elaine’s work can be found at

Michelle Detorie’s visual pieces are excerpts from her book length erasure, The Sin in Wilderness. More of Michelle’s work can be found at

Spring 2016 Bios

Michelle Detorie has been writing and thinking about new colors that don’t have names yet. She has been seeing them for about a year or two.

Two of Caroline Knox‘s favorite works of fiction are Sportsman’s Paradise by Nancy Lemann and Train Dreams by Denis Johnson.

When her father died, Elaine Parks made 22 little ceramic heads in his likeness.

For years, Ethel Rackin’s favorite color was pink and white checks.

Donna Ruff sat in the second row of the audience for the Ed Sullivan Show that featured one of the first performances of the Beatles in America.


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