Issue Details, Winter 2015

The Winter 2015 issue cover features Elizabeth Bryant’s photograph “Icy Leaf.”

Aran Donovan‘s poetry is paired with images by Vahge.  Featured images are:  Midas, Opus 68, Sophie, Nocturnal Curiosity, and Auguria. Vahge uses layers of paper to construct her collages, incorporating elements of dreams, literature, music, theater, and classic portraiture.  Nocturnal Curiosity was a collaborative work created with artist Daria Hlazatova ( More of Vahge’s work can be found here:, and

Caroline Knox‘s poetry is paired with images by Carolyn Guinzio.

Martine Bellen‘s poetry is paired with images by Lindsey Brown.  Featured images are: Elephant – red sand, Scorpion fly – red sand, chilmark blue, stars and trees, and all of the losses. Lindsey’s mixed media paintings, prints and drawings layer imagery with text, poured paint, gold leaf, drawings and collaged elements to create map-like, diaristic dreamscapes. More of her work can be seen here: and she can be reached by email here:
Martine’s forthcoming collection, THIS AMAZING CAGE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS (Spuyten Duyvil Press), will be published in 2015.

Lisa Cihlar‘s poetry is paired with photographs by Elizabeth Bryant.  Elizabeth’s most recent text/photography was published online at Peep Show: and more of her work can be seen here:

Nic Sebastian‘s poetry is paired with images by Maritza Ranero.  Featured images are “B” (gray), “B” (stung), and “Petrified.” Maritza’s “B” portraits combine enamel paint impressions of masonry bricks with hand drawn pencil self-portraits on masonite panels. In the oil and enamel painting “Petrified,” Maritza’s bricks turned to trees and trees turn to stone. Some of the trees are further enhanced with reflective “fruit” and cautionary “bark.”  More of Maritza’s work can be seen here:

More of Nic’s work can be seen here: , , , , Whale Sound , and Reading Helen in Egypt

Nicole Zdeb transformed and recontextualized old calendar images by using them as backdrops for her poetry. More of her work can be seen here:

Winter 2015 Bios:

Martine Bellen trains in Brazilian jiujitsu.

 When Lindsey Brown was  young, she had pet rabbits named Big Beau-Regards, Juny Jelly Beans and Mama Chunk.

Elizabeth Bryant dreamt she wintered in the labyrinth-like nest of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Lisa J. Cihlar took first place and won a hundred dollars in a stand-up comedy competition when she was in her 30s.  Sadly, there were penis jokes involved.

Aran Donovan has seen far too many horror movies to ever touch a Ouija board.

 Two of Caroline Knox‘s favorite works of fiction are Sportsman’s Paradise by Nancy Lemann and Train Dreams by Denis Johnson.

 Maritza Ranero is just a simple country girl from Jersey.

Nic Sebastian once shot and cleaned a .22 rifle in the Ozark Mountains.

In all her work, Vahge celebrates oddity with elegance.

Nicole Zdeb studied kabuki with a woman recommended by the Japanese Consulate. Class began with the teacher wrapping Nicole in a kimono and ended with drinking tea while Nicole knelt at the teacher’s feet.

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